In Montana

In the past decade, I have both carried and passed significant legislation in this area such as 1) HB 790 reduced the cost of unemployment insurance;  2) HB512 provided investment in basic infrasture to support business including sewer, water, and bridge projects; 3) SB138  Began reductions in retirement costs;  4) HB123  Directed additional dollars toward economic development; and  5)  HB 829 Base for Blackfeet Water Compact designed to keep beneficial use of water within Montana boundaries.


PEW is a well recognized and respected national organization that does analysis on state finances.  The first chart on the right from PEW shows that the Montana Legislature has held the line on state spending, with overall state spending relatively flat to slightly down.   This fiscal discipline explains why Montana never ran red ink.

The second graph shows that Montana did not have as severe a reduction in tax revenues as key neighbor states, and the fiscal discipline held by the Legislature is

facilitating a rapid recovery.

Montana’s fiscal discipline is evident as the state holds a strong 75 day plus 

reserve.  This, combined with recent fixes made to our retirement liabilities, has kept Montana’s credit rating strong.

Awards and Recognition 

     from Economic Development Groups

Montana Chamber of Commerce 

     I have four times been awarded the Montana Chamber’s “Champion of Business “award
National Federation of Independent Businesses
Business Leadership Council

Montana Contractors

Economic Development

Jobs in a stable, growing economic environment form the base of any successful community and state. 

-- We need a tax environment that promotes business growth and that allows families to keep more of what they earn. 

-- We need a regulatory environment that promotes local control and allows individuals the opportunity to prosper.  

-- While there is no question that health care needs some reform, we must do reform in a manner that

provides quality service, keeps the price affordable, and promotes personal, not government control.   

I have founded and served on a variety of local economic development agencies.  Since elected, I have concentrated my effort to promote the success of our rural economies.  I have developed, drafted and sponsored a significant portion of the Economic Development Legislation.  

My motto is “Government  leave me and my family  alone, leave me and  my business alone,   leave me and my Church alone, and leave me and my checkbook alone.”  

Small Efficient Government Sector

The proper role of government is to serve the people; not to require servitude from the people.  Permits must be generated in a timely manner, agency responses must be prompt and courteous, rules must be both business friendly and uniformly applied, most importantly, an attitude of “How can I help you?” must be embraced by public employees. From health care to education, from environmental protections to wildlife management; government’s role must be reduced to those items the private sector can’t do. Government will be expected to prioritize spending and its performance will be measured in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Representative Llew Jones

Powerful Effective Private Sector

Senator Jones's Legislative goal is to empower Montana families, small businesses and entrepreneurs by addressing regressive tax policies, eliminating unnecessary regulations, moderating the effects of arbitrary bureaucratic rule making, and reducing frivolous litigation. The creation of high paying jobs and limitless individual opportunity is key to returning Montana to its former greatness. If we work together to solve problems, our state can continue to be a great place to do business and raise a family.