Representative Llew Jones

In Montana

The “stop doing that” attitude of the extreme environmentalist must be replaced by a “can do” attitude. I have always embraced resource development while maintaining a strict standard of environmental stewardship.  Montana can remain a bastion of western beauty while providing its citizens with the boundless opportunities implicit in its vast natural resource potential.   Also, as part of a healthy environment, I have focused on keeping Montana families safe, from criminal actions and from hazardous materials. 

Key Examples: 1)  HB 272 requires that sexual offenders post current photographs on line so that families can be aware and take needed precautions.    2) HB 363  facilitates teachers moving to under served areas   3) HB 756  Provides workforce training opportunities.

I have always worked towards creating a scenario where Montanans can benefit from our vast natural resource base while maintaining the strictest standards of stewardship.   We can build energy pipe lines in very safe environmentally sound manners, we can have a very small environmental footprint while still being the battery of resource for this nation.   We must have the political will to be both development and expect strong stewardship.

Environmental Responsibility

We can and must develop our resources in a “common sense” environmentally responsible way.  We have the technology to utilize clean coal, we can produce oil and gas in a manner that does no harm, we can promote the health of our forests through responsible harvesting, and we can have beneficial agricultural use on our federals and state land.   

​We also can and, indeed, must take steps to share the vast beauty of Montana with all our citizens. Whether by motorized vehicle or horse, by bike or by foot, carrying a rifle or a camera, we can share.  We must band together and guarantee that our federal/state government can no longer lock the “last best people” out of the “last best place”.  

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Awards and Recognition 

     From Environmental Use Groups

In the 2009 session, I successfully passed conservative flagship legislation that will help limit the endless lawsuits by “green” extremists over energy development and will promote development on state land for the benefit of schools.  

Endorsed by the National Rifle Association. Montanans for Multiple Use scores 80-90 because I also weigh personal property rights and personal freedoms in my common sense approach.