Voting record

Llew Jones votes with republican majority 90% of the time

Llew Jones  was present for 98.5% of all votes.

Since I signed up for the job, I show up and do the job.  To not be there to vote is to disrespect those that voted for me.  I vote with my Republican Team most of the time, but I never have or will put my caucus ahead of my constituents.   It is a matter of long record that my voting order is conscience, constituents, then caucus.  

The majority position is usually defined as one more than half of the electoral participants. There were 59 Republican members in the House, so the majority Republican position was defined by 30 or more of its members. Likewise, for the Senate, 16 of the 31 Republicans determined the majority. Further, it can be asserted that the Republican position on any bill is the one held by the majority of the Republican members.     I voted with the Republican caucus 91% of the time.  These are verifiable facts.   You can do the math yourself, or look to websites such as and review there results.

There are some, mostly out of state funded, groups such as American’s for Prosperity that dislike the fact I prioritize my constituents, so often cheery-pick votes looking to twist my voting record intent on intimidating me into aligning with their vision.  However, I am much more likely to listen to well-known Montana groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, Montana Stock growers, Montana Contractors, or the Farm Bureau.  Not surprisingly, these Montana groups rank me very. favorably.  Votes are public record and can be found on the Montana Legislature website .      

When a flier arrives in the mail from a group carrying either a positive or negative message, the first litmus test on it's worth is whether there is even a local chapter or group.  If there is, then check with the local members and see what they have to say.   If there is no local group, then "buyer beware".   The real question then becomes, "Who is trying to influence your legislator to their will?"   

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Representative Llew Jones